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We are so proud of the 87+ five star Cara Care Pet Care reviews that our clients have left us! Below are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received.

Cara is absolutely amazing! I have 2 cats (who are my babies) and I am so happy that I found Cara to look after them whenever I go out of town. When Cara came over for the initial consultation, my cats went right up to her (which does not happen!). It is obvious that Cara loves animals, and they love her too. She sends updates and pictures of the cats to me – which I love to receive! Booking and paying is super simple with the website, which is also a big plus. I would highly recommend Cara – she is reliable, professional, trustworthy, friendly and I know I don’t have to worry about my cats when I am out of town because they are in great hands, and when I return, I return to two very happy cats!!! She is the BEST!
Jamie W.

Owner of Chloe & Tux, Domestic Shorthair Cats in Chicago's River North Neighborhood

Cara is simply amazing. She always tries her best to accommodate our needs.

Cara has been taking care of our pup for about 4 months now. We sometimes arrange for to care for our kitty as well. From the day that we met her we knew how lucky we were to come across her during our search. She is very sweet and dedicated to her job. She makes sure that our girl well taken care and updates us on any events. I love how she keeps and shares a pet care journal which includes pictures and a briefing on the care she provides during her visits.

And my pup and kitten absolute adore her! Whenever I am walking my pup and run into Cara she goes crazy trying to greet her. She is usually so well behaved and will hardly listen to me when she sees Cara because all she wants to do is go and say hello.

Totally recommend her!

Ana T.

Owner of Manzana & Burbuja, a Samoyed & Siberian in Chicago's Streeterville Neighborhood

I’m a former pet sitting business owner and current neurotic, high-maintenance pet sitting client of Cara’s. She is very even-tempered and reliable which are great attributes of a pet sitter. We really appreciated that she sent us our updates consistently every day – I never had to follow up with her to make sure everything was ok at home. A lot of individuals pet sit casually as a “side gig” via certain apps/websites because they love animals and it seems like easy money (IT IS NOT) but they don’t take it seriously, are often unreliable, and have no plan in case of emergency. I strongly encourage you to avoid those people and call Cara — a true professional pet care provider and business-owner.
Sara U.

Owner of Pepper Clarice, a Domestic Medium Hair Cat in Chicago's West Loop

Caraline is the ultimate professional and takes such good care of your pet. Kofi loves her to pieces. She is trained in many different pet care skills and is always timely and provides wonderful updates.
Tarra S.

Owner of Kofi, a Bichon Frise Poodle Mix in Chicago's Printers Row Neighborhood

“I wish I could hack Yelp to award Cara Care a sixth star.

Like many people who own cats, I am insane about them. Despite the fact that I am in other respects Extremely Cool and Hip, I worry about my two cats constantly when I travel. I worry about things like: I hope they don’t chew through a cord for some reason and shock themselves! and, I hope they don’t somehow get a window open and get out and hurt themselves outside! or, I hope they don’t sneak out the front door in some way during the brief moment that it’s open! or, I hope I told the cat sitter the right dates! OMG, what if they’re hungry. And so on. I realize these are all insane thoughts because what cats do all day is nap, stalk one another, eat, etc., but that is what it means to own cats: insanity.

Cara and her team have done an incredible job looking after my two cats, and have done enormous work to lessen my insanity. The team has been one hundred percent reliable, andhas even sent along cute pictures of my cats when I’m traveling, so I can lose my shit over how much I miss them. When one of my cats used his laser nose to detect a pizza crust in the trash can and knocked it over to get it out, they cleaned it up. And so on. Plus, my overwhelming sense interacting with Cara and her team has been that they like animals very much and like taking care of them.

Like many people, I came to Cara through a recommendation of a friend; like many, I have now recommended her to my friends. It takes A LOT to make me comfortable with leaving my cats under the supervision of other people; I’ve never had a truly bad experience with a different sitter, but I’ve never had an experience as good as this. If you are insane about your pets, like I am, then you will be happy with Cara and her great team.”

Ian S.

Owner of Chloe & Hercules , Domestic Shorthair Cats

Caraline was great. She took great care of my kitties. She played with them and even brushed them. Now I can go on trips knowing my kitties are well taken care of.
Gwen C.

Owner of Squirrel & Schnitz, Domestic Long Hair & Short Hair Cats in Chicago's McKinley Park Neighborhood

Its always hard to leave your furbaby when you travel, but even more so when they need medical care. I have a special needs senior kitty who requires daily medication for her heart condition. Not only that, but she is not super enthusiastic about spending time with anyone but my husband and me.

Despite these challenges, Cara has provided exceptional care for our little one. She is thorough, reliable, trustworthy, gives us detailed updates with photos every time she visits and takes such wonderful care of our kitty and yet is respectful of her space at the same time. I can’t recommend her highly enough and am SO grateful to have found her!

Rebekkah R.

Owner of Hitch Kitty, a Domestic Shorthair Cat with Special Needs