Our mission is to provide exceptional in-home pet care services to our clients. To this end, we have a very stringent hiring process that we use to bring only the absolute best Chicago dog walkers and pet sitters on to our team. All of our staff members have been background checked, are employees (not independent contractors), are covered under our insurance and bonding and participate in ongoing education and training. You can learn more about each of our amazing pet care specialists below. For more information about our company philosophy, make sure to check out our About Page!


Starting a pet care business was a very natural choice for Caraline. Growing up with dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, hamsters and various amphibians, she has been surrounded by animals her entire life. In 2009, Caraline decided to turn her passion into a career and in 2013, she officially opened up Cara Care LLC. Caraline is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the American Red Cross. She specializes in working with special needs pets including those with seperation anxiety, epilepsy, open fontanels, diabietes, FIV and other medical conditions.

Caraline is also the proud owner of her rescue dog Cayman. When not working or volunteering, Caraline and Cayman can often times be found going on long walks throughout Chicago.


Caraline was volunteering at the Cayman Islands Humane Society in the fall of 2015 when she first saw a “Caymanian Mutt” named Rissa. The moment Caraline saw Rissa’s face, her heart melted, and she knew that she couldn’t leave her behind. The next day, Rissa came home with Caraline for a sleepover, and she never left. It was then that she received her forever name, Cayman.

Cayman is a very sweet and playful dog. Despite being 3-4 years old, everyone always asks if she is a puppy. Being an island dog, she enjoys warm, sunny weather and absolutely dreads going outside in the rain or snow. She loves walking along the beach and being anywhere near water. Her favorite treats are carrots, blueberries, cheddar cheese and bully sticks. If you see her outside, don’t be afraid to say, “Hello!” She loves meeting new people and getting lots of pets!