Is Cara Care LLC insured and bonded?

Yes! Cara Care LLC is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.


How do I schedule services?

If you are a new client, you can visit this page: Sign Up Now!

If you are a current client, you can schedule services through your online account at any time here: Client Log In


What is a registration meeting?

After you register to become a client with Cara Care, we will contact you to set up a registration meeting. At this meeting, we will meet your pets, go over all of the pet care information located in your online profile and go through your pet’s routine. At this time, we will also answer any quesitons that you may have and pick up TWO sets of working keys.


Why are two sets of keys required?

We like to be prepared for anything. Having two sets of keys helps insure that we will always have access to your pets while you are away incase the pet sitter assigned to your pets has an emergency, a set of keys gets locked in your apartment or even if a key breaks.


I live in a doorman building. Can I leave my keys with the front desk for you to pick up?

Yes, if you live in a doorman building, then you can leave a set of working keys with your conceirge. Please note that if this is your method of entry, you must leave the company name, Cara Care LLC, with the front desk so that our pet care specialists can access your home.


Where are my keys kept when I am not using your services?

We store client keys in a secured lock box located in our office. Your keys will always be locked away unless we are providing services to your pet. In this case, your pet care specialist will have one key while the spare copy is kept locked in the office.


What if my pet sitter loses my key?

While this scenario is very unlikely, we have coded the keys in such a way that no identifying information is on them. Thus, even if a pet sitter were to misplace a key and someone else found it, they would not know who the key belonged to.


I need to cancel my scheduled visits. How do I do this?

You can log into your online account to request or cancel visits at any time.


How do I pay for services?

You can view and pay invoices through your online account at any time via credit, debit or PayPal.


Can I tip my pet care specialist?

Yes, you can add a tip through our online system when paying for services. While tips are not required, they are very much appreciated! 100% of all tips go directly to your pet care provider/s.


I am afraid to leave my pets while I go out of town. How will I know how they are doing?

We understand how hard it is to be away from your pets and not know how they are doing. That is why we leave a detailed journal after every visit. As soon as a journal has been added to your client portal, you will receive an email with a link to view it. The journals contain a checklist of everything that we did with your pets, notes about fun things that may have happened and, of course, lots of pictures!


My pet has special needs. Are you able to help out with medication administration?

Yes, have extensive experience with administering many kinds of medications. You can learn more about our medication services here: Specialized Care Visits. Please note: Due to the importance of medication administration and possible complications if doses are missed, we are only accepting non-aggressive and social pets for specialized care visits at this time. We must be able to guarantee access to your pet and be able to administer the medications 100% of the time.


I work during the day. Do you offer visits for people still in town?

Of course! We offer midday dog walking services as well as playtime visits for those that are still in town but either need assistance with walking the dogs or exercising them while they are not at home. You can learn more about these services here: Dog Walking and Pet Sitting.


Can my pet care specialist pick up my mail or water plants while I am away?

Yes. We provide mail pick up, plant watering and blind or light rotation at no extra charge to pet sitting clients. Additionally, we provide house sitting or plant watering services to clients without pets as well.


Are Cara Care pet sitters background checked?

Absolutely! All of our pet care providers go through a stringent hiring process including filling out an application, taking a survey, going through phone, behavior-based and handling interviews. Additionally, all pet care specialists are background checked and go through ongoing training as long as they work with our company.


Are Cara Care pet sitters employees or independent contractors?

All of Cara Care’s pet care specialists are employees NOT independent contractors. 


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